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Mar 3, 2021

ADWEEK: Kelly Rowland Partners with JustFab for Her First Designed Footwear and Apparel Collection

The Line will be released in three capsules, each with its own female muse

by Kaila Mathis | Mar 3rd, 2021

While 2020 was an incredibly challenging year, the acts of bravery, inspiration and creativity that stemmed from it served to show the resilience of people in times of hardship—and inspired some amazing creations. Musician and actor Kelly Rowland’s new line with membership shopping platform JustFab, for example, is modeled off of the strength, creativity and grace she has witnessed in women around the world throughout the pandemic.

Rowland’s first designed footwear and apparel line dropped this week—the fulfillment of a dream she has had since she fell in love with creative expression as a kid. Headed by CMO Daria Burke, the JustFab collection contains an array of options that will be released in three capsules over three months. Rowland chose to partner with this platform for women because of its focus on catering to all types of women and fostering inclusivity through its products.

Though Rowland has dreamed of creating a fashion line for her entire life, the challenges of last year are what taught her the lessons she needed to create one, she said in a statement.

Honoring the work—and needs—of women during the pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, Rowland said she witnessed women around the world, from mothers to teachers to first responders, step up as heroes to ease the collective pain in their communities. Second, she noticed that waking up each day and dressing for the mood she needed—be it comfort, strength or joy—was what enabled her to power through every new challenge she faced.

Her admiration for the women she observed and her discovery of the power of a good outfit inspired her. Each month between March and May, a new capsule will be released—including a set of clothing and shoes inspired by Greek goddesses with a model as the muse.

The March collection is inspired by the Greek warrior goddesses and represented by Nykhor Paul, a child of the South Sudanese civil war and muse for that month’s footwear and apparel capsule. It comes complete with a darker-colored selection of boots, sandals and heels, along with dresses, blazers and pants. April’s lighter-toned theme is centered in the Greek goddesses of creativity, and its selection of fun heels, sneakers, leather shorts and off-the-shoulder sweaters is inspired by model and body love advocate Diana Veras. May’s capsule, featuring sandals, dresses and bodysuits in black, blue and white embodies grace, and is modeled after muse Pritika Swarup.

Rowland created the themes of these months to represent the multifaceted nature of women, not only stating that no one is stronger than women, but calling them “the ultimate creators” and “the embodiments of elegance, beauty and poise.” She then decided to replicate that same multifacetedness in the pieces included in the capsules, crafting the everyday essentials with a twist. Her combat boots are made with linen, for example, and her heels with active knit.