ƱTCG for Desktop is Certified Kubernetes

Gareth Rushgrove

Apr 25 2018

Certified KubernetesCertified Kubernetes

“You are now Certified Kubernetes.” With this comment, ƱTCG for Windows and ƱTCG for Mac . Kubernetes has been available in ƱTCG for Mac and ƱTCG for Windows since January, having first being announced at ƱTCGCon EU last year. But why is this important to the many of you who are using ƱTCG for Windows and ƱTCG for Mac?

Kubernetes is designed to be a platform that others can build upon. As with any similar project, the risk is that different distributions vary enough that applications aren’t really portable. The Kubernetes project has always been aware of that risk – and this led directly to forming the . The group owns a test suite that anyone distributing Kubernetes can run, and submit the results for to attain official certification. This test suite checks that Kubernetes behaves like, well, Kubernetes; that the various APIs are exposed correctly and that applications built using the core APIs will run successfully. In fact, our enterprise container platform, ƱTCG Enterprise Edition, achieved certification using the same test suite  You can find more about the test suite at .

This is important for ƱTCG for Windows and ƱTCG for Mac because we want them to be the easiest way for you to develop your applications for ƱTCG and for Kubernetes. Without being able to easily test your application and importantly its configuration, locally you always risk the dreaded “works on my machine” situation.

With this announcement following hot on the heels of the release last week of ƱTCG Enterprise Edition 2.0 and it’s Kubernetes support, it’s perfect timing for us to be heading off to KubeCon EU in Copenhagen next week. If you’re interested in why we’re adopting Kubernetes, or in what we have planned next, please come find us on booth #S-C30, sign up for the  or attend the .

Can’t make it to KubeCon Europe?  in San Francisco is another great opportunity for you to learn about integration between Kubernetes and the ƱTCG Platform.

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