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Styra DAS Free

The fastest way to deploy Open Policy Agent — built by the OPA founders.


What is Styra DAS Free? 

DAS Free Includes:
  • Full lifecycle management to create, deploy, and manage OPA authorization
  • Built-in library of pre-built rules for K8s, microservices, Terraform and more
  • Policy impact analysis, unit testing, decision logging and replay
  • Real-time and historical compliance monitoring and logging
  • Management of OPA for four total systems, or ten Kubernetes nodes
  • 100 enforceable rules

Simplify Authorization.



Accelerate and simplify policy creation with over 100 built-in rules



Reduce errors by validating the impact of policy changes before deployment


Prevent errors early - 
shift OPA policy-as-code left




Prove compliance with turnkey monitoring for real-time and historical decisions