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Powering the Future of Fashion Commerce

FashionOS is our proprietary enterprise software suite. It is the engine behind the TechStyle Fashion Group Platform that allows us to deliver new products and experiences that delight customers and drive growth.




Global Membership E-commerce System

The Bento software suite allows TechStyle to provide customers an outstanding e-commerce experience.

Its comprehensive suite of e-commerce and subscription billing-management tools allows TechStyle Fashion Group to accommodate scalable growth and rapidly evolving business needs.

Features Include:

  • Full E-commerce Toolset
  • Content Management
  • Merchandising System
  • Promotional System
  • Direct Marketing System
  • Periodic Cycles
  • Segmentation Targeting
  • Merchandising Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Optimized Subscription Biller



Global Customer Management System

Bond provides our agents with the personalized customer-relationship management tools they need to better serve our members.

Bond is an infinitely scalable CRM system built on an API-driven design that allows for easy, secure data flow. It provides adaptable custom tools and workflows with an intuitive, speedy interface. Its ease of use has reduced training time for new agents and cut customer-response times to well below industry averages.

Features include:

  • Case management system
  • Membership management
  • Compensation portal
  • Virtual agent integration
  • Shipment tracking
  • Real time performance monitoring



Enterprise Data Intelligence System

Albert is comprised of our data science systems that drive machine learning and automated decision making across business units. Through Albert we are able to leverage vast amounts of data and analytics in real-time to drive growth, reduce costs and elevate customer satisfaction.

Dynamic merchandising – With Albert we can create compelling customer experiences in which interactions are tailored around a customer’s decision journey. Albert gathers and analyzes data around the needs, preferences, and attitudes of individual consumers to customize offers on a one-on-one basis.

Inventory prediction – Albert uses predictive analytic tools, which evaluate fashion trends, social media, explicit feedback and historical customer data to estimate future demand projections for any given product.

Media and creative analytics – Albert evaluates which creative content and media placements resonate with consumers. By using Alberts machine learning and algorithms we are able to engage with customers in exactly the right way at any contact point along the new customer journey.



OmniChannel Retail Experience System

TechStyle Fashion Group’s OmniSuite retail system is a cloud-based, end-to-end solution that combines e-commerce, POS and order management with back-office systems. It improves customer loyalty and allows us to deliver personalized service with a 360-degree view of a given member’s transactions and interactions with the company across all our channels.

Features include:

  • Purchase history support regardless of channel
  • Online record of all purchases, sizes tried and product preferences
  • Seamless returns & exchanges
  • Tools for reviews, images and product  suggestions
  • Integrated promotions and discount management
  • Real time inventory visibility
  • LPN based tracking
  • Fitting room management providing visibility to what enters and leaves each fitting room
  • Provides historical data at an individual item level



Global Supply Chain & Fulfillment System

Evolve is a customized, modular solution that supports all TechStyle Fashion Group brands and adapts quickly to new enterprise demands. It provides control, flexibility and access to cutting-edge technology and hardware that support our business more effectively and efficiently than any off-the-shelf alternative ever could.

Features Include:

  • iOS-based UIs make for easy training.
  • Support multiple BUs within the same space.
  • Support multiple facilities globally.
  • Manual operations to fully-automated operations.
  • Industry-leading inventory accuracy.
  • Flexibility of development and deployment.
  • Global inventory tracking from origin to customer.