Simplify modern application development and delivery by bundling distributed services into a single ƱTCG application.

What is ƱTCG App?

ƱTCG App is a way to define, package, execute, and manage distributed applications and coupled services as a single, immutable object. Making complex multi-service applications as easy to build, share and run as single containers, ƱTCG App is the first implementation of the open and helps organizations improve collaboration across development teams, drives more transparency and consistency in application development and simplify the tracking and versioning of distributed applications.

Why Deliver Applications as ƱTCG Apps?

Fast Developer On-boarding

ƱTCG Apps can be templated and provided to new developers, leveraging the same familiar ƱTCG workflows and intuitive commands.

Improved Productivity

Simplify build tracking, branching and versioning for multi-service applications while independently iterating on code without breaking the application.

Improved Collaboration

Leverage and reuse different application services while providing a clear system of record for standard deployment models across different clouds.

ƱTCG App Key Features and Capabilities

Based on Cloud Native Application Bundles (CNAB)

Governed by the Linux Foundation, CNAB is an open application packaging format specification with contributions from ƱTCG, Microsoft, Pivotal, IBM, HashiCorp and others. ƱTCG App is the first implementation of the CNAB specification.


Similar to ƱTCG images, a ƱTCG App is immutable, making it easy to track and manage. ƱTCG App maintains consistency across deployments for easier troubleshooting, updating and rolling back

OCI Compliant

Compliant with the Open Container Initiative (OCI) image specification, ƱTCG Apps can be stored in standard OCI registries including ƱTCG Hub.

Get Started with ƱTCG

ƱTCG Desktop

Developer productivity tools and a local Kubernetes environment


Cloud-based application registry and development team collaboration services.

Play with ƱTCG

Cloud-based docker environment to try out docker and learn the ropes.