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Manage Open Policy Agent for Terraform

Built by the founders of Open Policy Agent, Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) offers a comprehensive, general purpose authorization management solution that extends automated policy guardrails across public cloud configuration including AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Why Styra DAS for Terraform?

Previously, DevOps and Cloud platform teams had to manage authorization, policy and configuration with separate, unrelated tools in each of their clouds, clusters, and between the microservices.

With Styra DAS, teams have a single turnkey policy-as-code solution, built on OPA, to secure and manage every layer of cloud application platforms:

Simplify policy authoring with our pre-built library and packs

Validate the impact of cloud policy changes before committing into production

Ease collaboration across teams with a unified platform for authorization

Trust the industry's only security solution built by the founders of Open Policy Agent

Policy Design and Validation

Styra DAS for Terraform provides a single pane of glass for OPA policy authoring and impact analysis across public cloud configurations including AWS, Azure and GCP.

Get started quickly with pre-built groups of policy to policies mapped to industry standards like PCI-DSS v3.2, MITRE ATT&CK for Cloud, and CIS Benchmarks.


Policy Collaboration

Eliminate policy silos with a single platform for cross-team collaboration based on industry best practices.

Cloud and DevOps teams no longer have to manage multiple security tools, or rely on best-effort manual processes. Styra DAS for Terraform provides teams with a unified platform for authorization to deploy, manage and monitor OPA at scale - from public clouds to microservices and containers.

Policy Monitoring and Auditing

Know what policy decisions were made, when they were made, and why they were made.

Styra DAS for Terraform allows you to visualize the results of policy decisions and compliance violations with real-time and historical records, so that you can resolve issues in a fraction of the time.

All historical decisions can be independently searched and replayed, to prove to both internal and external auditors that controls are in place to meet modern cloud platform security and compliance regulations.


Manage OPA for Cloud Config

Styra DAS for Terraform is the fastest way to operationalize OPA policy guardrails across all levels of your modern cloud platform.

Let us show you proven techniques and policy, learned from OPA production implementations across huge global corporations and cutting-edge tech powerhouses.

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